Support Local: Interview with Troubled Monk Brewery

We love to share local ingredients with our customers. There are so many amazing food producers in Alberta that provide exceptional products you can’t find anywhere else. From cheese and locally grown produce to livestock raised on local farms, we can’t get enough of Alberta’s tastes and love to share them within our menu. We even strive to share locally brewed beer!

Some of our favorite beverages come from local Red Deer brewery, Troubled Monk. Like Boulevard, Troubled Monk makes every effort to stand out with exceptional products and uses Canadian ingredients as often as possible.

Troubled Monk beer has become widely known in the area for their incredible and unique tastes. Boulevard Restaurant is proud to carry names like Golden Gaetz Golden Ale, Pesky Pig Pale Ale, Open Road American Brown Ale, and Buck Tooth Ale. We also have Rebels Red on tap.

We had the opportunity to ask Troubled Monk Co-Owner, Charlie Bredo some questions to learn more about the brewery. We were given insight into their goals, their processes, and even how sourcing local ingredients has become a major part of their brand’s story. Continue reading to find out what Charlie had to say…

Troubled Monk Beer at Boulevard Restaurant

Charlie Bredo, Co-Owner of Troubled Monk Brewery

Charlie Bredo,
Co-Owner of Troubled Monk Brewery

Charlie Bredo is a co-founder of Troubled Monk Brewery and focuses his detail on the business side of the brewery. It is Charlie’s passion for Red Deer and anything local that has lead him to spread local ingredients through delicious malty beverages.

Troubled Monk has become one of Red Deer’s top beer choices with some exceptional flavours. Can you tell me about what it was like to start Troubled Monk Brewery, what motivated you, and the relationships that pushed you to succeed?

This is a hard question to answer. So many different people have had such a huge role to play in Troubled Monk so far. From our staff to our customers, none of it would be possible with all the passion and energy that happens in the brewery every day.

My brother Graeme had the original idea to start the brewery. It originally was one of those crazy ideas that neither of us took seriously, but one thing led to another and next thing you know here we are today. My entire family has also played a huge role in what Troubled Monk has become, and they will most definitely play a huge role in Troubled Monk’s future.

We have an internal motto at Troubled Monk, “Inspiring Others through our Craft.” The thought of giving the community something to get excited about is something that really drives me every day, and it’s a key factor in how and why this all started. We aren’t on this earth for very long so why not have fun and do something different while you are here?

Like Boulevard, Troubled Monk strives to use Canadian ingredients. What are your main reasons for sourcing local?

Beer is all about a story and an experience. Using local ingredients adds depth to the story and experience that our customers have with our beer. Obviously, it is nice to keep the money local too! When we buy local, we support local jobs and we have more people genuinely interested in what we are doing. It makes it much more satisfying and fun!

What kind of relationships have you made with local suppliers?

Central Alberta has world class barley. It’s something we are really proud of, and I love to tell the story to our customers that our barley is sought after throughout the world for its high malting quality. It’s pretty cool to know that the barley grown in the fields throughout central Alberta is fantastic for making beer, and a lot of it is malted here as well. Naturally, we like to support Rahr Malting in Alex, Canada Malting in Calgary, and Red Shed Malting in Penhold.

How would you describe Troubled Monk if the company was a person?

The Troubled Monk would be absolutely dedicated to crafting the perfect beverage for his community. He’d slave away all day to ensure everything was just perfect, and then he’d go out and enjoy a few beverages with his friends to share his creation.

What is your relationship like with Boulevard Restaurant?

Boulevard does a fantastic job. It’s more than just food, its an experience! They put a lot of thought and effort into what they do, and it shows. It’s fun working with restaurants like this because they genuinely care about the overall experience they create for their customers, just like we care about our customers’ overall experience. Their Beer and Cheese soup uses our beer, and Sylvan Star cheese, you gotta try it!

Do you have any big plans for this upcoming year?

We are going to continue to work on developing our sour beer program, spirits program, and canned cocktails. We also have some great beer seasonals in mind for 2019. Ultimately, we are going to keep focusing on making great stuff that our customers throughout Alberta love to drink.

Are there any new flavours you are working on?

We are always working on new flavours. Most recently we launched a hard iced tea. We hope to have a gin available in the coming months, and just this morning the team is brewing their beer for the Christmas brew off!

Can you tell me more about the Christmas brew off?

The Christmas brew off gives all the brewers a chance to show off their brewing prowess!

Each brewer makes a keg of Christmas themed beer and we launch them all in one night. People can come in, taste them all, and vote for which one they like best. It’s a great way for our brewers to have some fun, our customers to taste some fantastic beer, and everyone to get into the Christmas spirit.

Troubled Monk has had huge success over the past couple years. What do you think makes Troubled Monk stand out as a company?

Two things, our employees and the community. I am constantly blown away by the abilities of my team, and I am truly inspired when I think of what we have accomplished, and what we will be able to accomplish when we all use our different talents to work together.

It has also been a real pleasure to operate in Red Deer as a community, and in Alberta’s craft beer community. The community has supported us from the very beginning, and it is incredibly rewarding to have made something that people get really excited about.

What is your favorite drink?

I think there is a perfect drink for every occasion. There is nothing like a cold Golden Gaetz on a hot summer day, or a Open Road Brown Ale when it gets colder. I think Pesky Pig is my usual go to, but I also really enjoy the seasonal and special brews we make, it keeps life interesting!

What is your favorite meal from Boulevard?

Beer Soup!