Support Local: Featuring Sylvan Star Cheese

One of Boulevards top goals is to create every meal with the best ingredients possible. This includes fresh produce, fruit, and meats from local farms and producers. We try to source ingredients that are grown naturally, organically, and most importantly, locally.

Why is it so important for us to shop locally?

The ingredients we get locally surpass the quality of other foods. Our ingredients are part of what makes our meals stand out. The foods we use are freshly prepared, grown naturally, and are unprocessed. We also love supporting local businesses! As a local business ourselves, this is very important to us.

Sylvan Star Cheese


Sylvan Star Cheese headquarters in between Sylvan Lake and Red Deer

In this article, we are going to talk about a family company that produces cheese right here in Red Deer. Sylvan Star Cheese has become renowned for its farm-made Gouda and has been one of our major suppliers of cheese. This family farm, located in between Red Deer and Sylvan Lake, started as a business in 1999 after the Schalkwyk family immigrated to Alberta from the Netherlands, bringing with them a long history of cheese making. Sylvan Star Cheese has won many awards and is currently ranked #4 worldwide for their extra aged gouda known as Grizzly. Sylvan Star Cheese can be found in a number of grocery stores and markets throughout Alberta and in many of the meals prepared here at Boulevard.

Sylvan Star Cheese is one of the amazing local companies we source our foods from. They make great, quality products with a taste our guests love. We love turning the tastes of Alberta into something unforgettable and love supporting those who make it possible.

Sylvan Star Cheese packaged from retailer

Many of our menu items feature the delicious tastes that Sylvan Star Cheese brings to our menu. Try a taste for yourself with the Reuben Sandwich, Beer & Cheese Soup, Beet or Athens Salads, the Burger Poutine or several other dishes! The taste wouldn’t be complete without Sylvan Star.

Athens Salad from Boulevard with Sylvan Star Feta Cheese