Locally sourced and made with care, always

Boulevard Restaurant prides itself on serving only local, fresh and high-quality foods. All our meals are composed of locally sourced, fresh ingredients, and many of these are even from Chef Emmanuel Davids own garden!

The benefits of buying locally sourced meats and produce are endless. Boulevard Restaurant is a huge supporter of local businesses and suppliers. Big Bend Market meats, Broxburn Farm produce and Sylvan Star Cheeses are featured all over Boulevards menu. The Big Bend Bison Rib-Eye, and our Waskasoo Bacon Mac and Cheese featuring Sylvan star Gouda, flies out of our kitchen. You truly can taste the difference in fresh local ingredients then from buying frozen, and best of all, it supports Alberta. That is why we always shop local and support events like the Westerner Park Urban Farm Festival among others.

Big Bend Market is a fine meats and fresh cuts deli. With two locations in Red Deer, they truly set the standard for Deli in the area. They carry ready to go home-made meals, local organic milk, fresh farm eggs, fresh vegetables and a variety of other locally produced products. In addition to their famous high demand bison, Big Bend also carries deer, elk and moose.

We believe in locals helping locals and creating a culinary community within Red Deer. Together we are all working to satisfy Red-Deerians hunger one delicious plate at a time. We support and promote locally grown food because we truly believe the quality is invariably better. Locally produced goods usually have a higher price tag, because they are not made and shipped in big masses, but it pays off. Buying a higher quality product made right here will save you money in the long-run plus, we all know it tastes better.