Taste - Taste the World - 2019 at Boulevard Restaurant & Lounge

Let us be your guide as the award-winning, Chef Emmanuel David of Boulevard Restaurant & Lounge and his culinary team guide your taste buds on an adventure both far and near. Enjoy 6 monthly dinners from January to June 2019 that will take your palate on a journey around the globe and back with TASTE! (Formerly known as Taste the World).

This year we will be exploring tastes throughout the world and Canada.

Enjoy unique food and wine from the Mediterranean. Explore French-Canadian classics in Eastern Canada. Experience aromatic spices and exotic ingredients from Southeast Asia. Try rustic delicacies from the Northwest Territories. Get lost in the Okanagan with artisan flavours and sophisticated wines. Enjoy freshly farmed delights from the prairie provinces.

With Executive Chef Emmanuel David and his team as your guide, this is one culinary journey you don't want to miss!

Advanced reservation required. Tickets are limited.

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January 27 - Mediterranean

Unique cuisine and wine from the Mediterranean

Try fresh wines from the worlds most notable orchards paired with a variety of tastes unique to the Mediterranean. Mediterranean Region - Taste

February 24 - Eastern Canada

French-Canadian classics

Explore French classics originating from Eastern Canada with delicacies like fresh cheese, wines, and sweet tastes such as maple. Eastern Canadian Cuisine - Taste - Boulevard Restaurant

March 31 - Southeast Asia

Aromatic spices and fresh ingredients from Southeast Asia

Experience the scent of freshly ground herbs and spices with a melodic mixture of exotic fruit and vegetables. Southeast Asian Cuisine - Taste - Boulevard Restaurant

April 28 - Northwest Territories

Rustic delicacies of the North

Feast on wild game, smoked or cured meats, freshly picked berries, cold water muscles, prawns, and other delicacies of the Northwest Territories.

May 26 – Okanagan 

Artisan flavours and sophisticated wines from the Okanagan

Explore the Okanagan with creative artisan dishes and sophisticated wines from local orchards. British Columbian Cuisine - Taste - Boulevard Restaurant

June 23 - Prairies

Farm to table with meals from the prairies

Taste the freshness of the farm with locally produced vegetables, herbs, lamb, and beef, for a truly exceptional medley of fine tastes. Food from the Prairie Provinces - Taste - Boulevard Restaurant

Don't miss out on Red Deer's top culinary event! Let the award-winning, Chef Emmanuel David guide you around the globe and back to experience flavours from both far and near.

Advanced reservation required. Tickets are limited.

Call us at 403-314-BLVD(2583) or PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE